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GOP Folly

restoreliberty Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 2:37 AM
The illegals are about to find out that voting for a socialist completely negates why they risked their lives coming to America in the first place. More and more of them will be fleeing back across the border because more and more employers will be relocating their facilities. WARN notices have been flying of the printers faster than Obama can say FORWARD. Don't believe it - google WARN notices and your state and see how many people over the last three months have gotten their Christmas layoff notices. In Virginia 1066, Florida 4011, New Jersey 3255, and New York a whopping 7499.....these are just the states I checked and they were all before Obama was reelected. There wont even be a need for large scale amnesty.
There may be no single, simple explanation why Mitt Romney lost the election this week -- but clearly the perception that the GOP is anti-Hispanic didn't help. For years, I've been warning my fellow conservatives that their position on immigration would be costly, not just politically but for the economy as well.

The election results definitively proved the former. The Hispanic vote was decisive in denying Romney a win in Colorado, Nevada, Florida and possibly Virginia. Without winning more Hispanic votes, the Republican Party may be doomed to permanent minority status.

Hispanics are the fastest growing population in the country....