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Doctor Snitch

restoreliberty Wrote: Jan 19, 2013 11:40 AM
My doctor (and very close friend) told me that he is going to ask them how they voted and if they say Obama then he is going to call the authorities. He figures that is plenty of indication that someone is violently deranged.

We can be proud of President Obama’s ability to create one crisis after another following his response to one crisis after another. A coordinated mayhem if you will. Look at what our Imperial President was able to accomplish.

In less than a month Obama went from ginning up hatred for the successful to passing the largest tax increase on the ‘rich’ in fifty years while avoiding falling off a mythical cliff. This included stealthily allowing the 2% payroll tax holiday to expire shocking tens of millions of his delusional supporters as they opened their paychecks in 2013.