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Culture Challenge of the Week: Politically Correct Speech

restoreliberty Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 1:19 PM
I taught my daughters about redistribution by using their allowance as an example. My daughters had to do specific (non-routine) chores to earn an allowance. When they started coming home and telling me how some kids didn't have toys or even food and that everyone should have the same things that they have I started deducting "for the common good" charges from their allowance. I took 10% for public services like roads, libraries, etc., then I took 10% for Tommy because he wasn't given chores so that he could learn how to earn money, then I took 10% for Susie because her single-mommy didn't work and couldn't pay her an allowance, then I took 10% for Billy whose parents spent their money on cable t.v. When they started to realize
restoreliberty Wrote: Aug 22, 2012 1:26 PM
they were being penalized for other peoples' decisions and choices they started understanding that they were not really in favor of redistribution. They understood they should help pay for the common good (and those funds were returned to them upon graduation as a reward for being good societal members - just like higher salaries are a return on educational success) but they sure knew the difference between wants and needs and how you had to earn success to fulfill your wish list.
As our children head back to school, parents need to teach them this truth: Words matter.

Many public schools, whether purposely or not, promote the liberal agenda through curriculum choices, print and video materials, and guest speakers. As we head into election season, parents can expect to see the same thing happening on a magnified scale, as teachers and schools insist that students use only politically correct speech. The NEA and the leftist non-profits swarming around public schools will see to that.

The words chosen by teachers and administrators to describe sensitive cultural issues shape students' perceptions...