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Ebola, Ideology and Common Sense

restoreliberty Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 11:09 AM
Denial is considered a mental health issue for a reason, and when you are told by the "experts" that you probably just have the flue or a stress fever....well.... fear, mortal fear for your own life is a powerful motivator for the old denial response to kick in and obscure clear thinking. Hospitals will have to have special Ebola (and soon Marburg or Lassa) teams that do nothing but work on the victims of Obama's madness. These teams will have to live and work in rotation through periods of crisis and quarantine, crisis and quarantine.
In my case it is sarcasm, in the cons life it is what will be the new 'normal'.
Lots of old wealthy people out there, wonder how many I can marry and bury over the next twenty years? Seems like an easy way to build a lucrative equal opportunity estate for myself. Thank you me, me, me generation and hey extra thanks for abandoning your parents and grandparents, don't worry I'll take good care of them while whispering sweet nothings in their ears about cutting your non-visiting carcass out of their wills.
If you aren't smart enough to figure out the elderly will be preyed upon by double the number of creeps and criminals then you lack the ability to think beyond your own narrow personal world.
The elderly will be preyed upon, don't doubt it for a minute.
As always, boots will be on the ground here or there, the question to ask yourself is do you live where they will show up here?
Everyone knows that progressives support child rapists, money money money for their death industry pals to launder their way.
What else do progressives have? Their policies and ideology are complete and utter failure.
Delusion and denial much?
Once again progressive trash demands special treatment and thinks rules shouldn't apply to them.
Sounds like typical hypocritical progressive rationalizing for doing wrong.
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