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An additional 40% of the public is reliably oblivious, and the rest of us don't matter.
40% of the public would still adore him even if he were caught molesting little boys.
It's going to be a long two years before we can have a commander in chief who is actually on America's side.
The insanity defense has always been idiotic. An insane killer is no less dangerous than a supposedly sane one (if you can say that about any killer) and must be removed from circulation PERMANENTLY. The death penalty has its issues, but it is the only measure that guarantees that a killer will never kill again.
Unfortunately our country has forgotten one of the excellent uses for rope.
A fine example of why Obama should be denied ANY authorization for use of military force. Unfortunately it is going to be a rough 2 years before we can have a commander in chief who deserves the title.
Remember what they say about a bird in hand, Marco. We need you as a senator, not a presidential also-ran.
Before a majority of the public can decide to get serious about rejecting liberalism, they first must hit bottom.
Considering that high school teachers specialize in a subject during their undergraduate training, it seems unlikely that one would be qualified in all of such diverse subjects as calculus, biology and physics. Or else that one smart enough to do so would be posting snarky drivel on TH.
And as a rule, there is some form of explicit or implicit prediction that a defined set of conditions will produce a defined result.
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