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Romney Momentum in Swing States

ResistWeMuch Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 6:31 PM
Allidunce wrote: "Obama won the 2nd debate AND WILL lay waste to Romney in the next one. Foreign policy is his sweet spot," He's not getting a bump from the 2nd debate. He lost on the internals. You should have paid closer attention. I'll let PPP, the Dem polling group that Kos uses, burst your bubble: "Democrats need to accept debate this week was not a big game changer" Romney got the bump in Gallup. He will be getting a bump in Ras starting tomorrow, according to Scott. He got a bump in NH and IA. He got a 7 point swing in his direction on economic issues and cut Obama's lead in WI down to 2. Among those who have already voted in WI, it’s Romney 54%, Obama 43%. Obama won WI by 14 in 2008. MO: It's R +11. McCain only won
ResistWeMuch Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 6:34 PM
by 0.1%.

RCP has moved FL, CO, and VA into R column today. Obama leads by 1 in OH and EV is even.

Three liberal newspapers, which endorsed Obama in 2008, have endorsed Romney this week. Don't tell me that this means anything other than support for Obama is soft.

As for Obama & foreign policy, that is going to be a blast. Can't wait to hear him talk more about "bumps in the road" & "optimal" number of American deaths because of his failures.

Nationally, Gallup held fairly steady today, with Romney leading by six among likely voters; Rasmussen has it tied, with data suggesting a small Romney bump is probably on the way.  A new Gravis nationwide poll has Romney leading 46-44, despite a D+8 sample.  The GOP nominee leads independents by eight points in that survey.  PPP's DailyKos/SEIU tracker has Obama up one, thanks to strong youth support.  (Romney leads every other age group, and young voters are the least likely cohort to vote this year). But what about those crucial battleground states?  Here are quick flashes from around the...