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Rumble on the Hill: Groups Square Off About How to End Gun Violence

Resist, We Much!!! Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 2:09 PM
You and anyone else, who believes his shyt are nearly as insane as Adam Lanza, and DISGUST me. If I could chain you up to a shaming post in the middle of the town square, I would.
gwharpo Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 6:34 PM
The "voices" told me they would be back for him next week.
gwharpo Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 6:32 PM
I would chain them up in the middle of a NYC subway track.
Becca in TX Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 4:50 PM
AND Elvis is still alive on an island somewhere and the Bush Administration is behind 9/11 and RFK and JFK were killed by Cuban mafia members, and MLK was killed by a black racist who wanted him to be a martyr, and NOTHING IS EVER AS IT SEEMS!!! When did the spaceship pick you up and do experiments on your brain? When are they coming back for you?
Resist, We Much!!! Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 2:50 PM
Sure, you would.

Seek help.
gary395 Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 2:32 PM
i would love to see Adam Lanza ^& Gene Rosen in a casket, this blind guy would spit in their face at their funeral.

Wednesday on Capitol Hill the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a public hearing about what America "should do to end gun violence." Pro-gun and and anti-gun advocates will testify before the committee. Witnesses include National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, Independent Women's Forum Senior Fellow and Attorney Gayle Trotter, Baltimore Police Chief James Johnson, the husband of Gabrielle Giffords Captain Mark Kelly and Denver University Professor David Kopel.

LaPierre released his opening statement to the committee Tuesday afternoon, calling on Congress to stop blaming gun owners for violence, will focus on promoting gun safety programs the...