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Colorado House Passes Four Gun-Control Measures

Resist, We Much!!! Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 10:04 PM
Liddlepuppyonaleash wrote: "I doubt that. You wrote you lived in london. Don't push your sick little hobbies off on me, brit. go suck on that morgan dude." Er, I did not say that I live in London. I said that I grew up in London. While I still have a flat there that I let, I've lived in Manhattan on and off for years. I became an American in 2002. Liddlepuppy, my friends here know me. I've been around TH much longer than you have. Keep it up with your behaviour and see how long you last.
Bigdogoffthechain11 Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 10:09 PM
I don't care how long you're here or anything else you think-don't you threaten me brit.

Obviously, you think you're royalty and are incapable of accepting criticism-and your "friends" here started it.

And you call yourselves "American" and "conservatives" yet you act like the spoiled, arrogant little children liberal progressives you are.

This is my country. Mind your behavior or we'll see how long YOU last.
Resist, We Much!!! Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 10:14 PM
Luv, you can criticse me all that you want. I truly could care less what your feelings or opinions are about anything.

I have NEVER called myself a "conservative" here and NO one believes that I'm a "liberal progressive."


Carry on.
Bigdogoffthechain11 Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 10:18 PM
Don't call me anything but my user ID. I haven't disrespected you in that way, and merely provided some criticism for you.

Clearly, you and your friends aren't adult enough to accept criticism.
RiffRaff Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 10:08 PM
I've learned a lot from both of you. In your own way you both set the standard.
Resist, We Much!!! Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 10:12 PM

After much heated debate on Friday, a package of gun-control measures passed in the Colorado House on Monday, including limiting magazines to 15 rounds, background checks for all gun transactions, requiring gun owners to pay for their own background checks and banning concealed weapons on public college campuses.  The four bills will now move to the Senate.

While many of the measures are ideas currently being pushed by the White House (don’t think Joe Biden let this vote occur without making some phone calls first) and feature prominently in the national gun-control debate, the concept of banning concealed...

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