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ATF Royally Screws Up, Again

Resist, We Much!!! Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 2:31 PM
According to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, 93% of all firearms used in criminal acts are obtained illegally, ie, on the street, through theft, etc. Thus, even if we had universal background checks, it would only affect 7% of the guns used in the commission of criminal acts. According to the 1997 Survey of State Prison Inmates, among those possessing a gun, the source of the gun was from: * a flea market or gun show for fewer than 2% * a retail store or pawnshop for about 12% * family, friends, a street buy, or an illegal source for 80% In other words, criminals don’t get their guns from gun shows and shops.
Resist, We Much!!! Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 2:32 PM
Per the FBI:

“Offenders armed with handguns committed one in every eight violent crimes–rape, robbery and assault–measured by BJS’s National Crime Victimization Survey. The other violent crime victims were attacked or threatened by offenders who were either unarmed or were armed with such weapons as rocks, sticks, knives or other types of firearms. The most common violent crime, simple assault, by definition does not involve the use of a weapon.”

Pssst, Proggies! If They Obeyed The Law, They Wouldn't Be Criminals

You've probably heard the old joke about how the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms should be a convenience store not a federal agency, but the latest ATF screw up in Wisconsin proves they aren't even capable of doing that properly. From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

A store calling itself Fearless Distributing opened early last year on an out-of-the-way street in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood, offering designer clothes, athletic shoes, jewelry and drug paraphernalia.

Those working behind the counter, however, weren't interested in selling anything.

They were undercover agents from the U.S....