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5 Reasons Amnesty Would Be Political Suicide For The Republican Party

Resist, We Much!!! Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 12:17 PM
The GOPe (Gingrich, Rove, Jeb, etc) is saying that all they need to do is pass amnesty and Voila!, Republicans will have Hispanics in the bag! Really? If that were true, then they should take a good look at history: In 1980, Carter received 56% of the Hispanic vote while Reagan only got 37% — a difference of 19%. In 1984, Mondale received 66% of the Hispanic vote while Reagan only got 34.82% — a difference of 31.18%. In 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 a/k/a Simpson-Mazzilo into law, which granted amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants, the vast majority of which were Hispanic. In 1988, Michael Dukakis won 70.15% of the Hispanic vote while the Vice-President of the man who legalised
Resist, We Much!!! Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 12:17 PM
millions of Hispanics, George H W Bush, received a mere 30.85% — a difference of 39.3%.

If Hispanics could be purchased with amnesty, then they would have overwhelmingly voted Republican in 1988. They didn’t so that should tell the “brains” in the GOP something.

Adios, Adios, Miss American Pie? Not Necessarily.

M2RB: Don McLean
Tim341 Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 5:12 PM
Deport them back the same way Mexico deported them here.
Dreadnaught011 Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 8:04 PM

That's what ignorant racists say.

Mexico's also a free country. The people come or go as pleases them; and some enter the US illegally. We deport them when we can. We can't deport the millions who have homes and families here and support themselves. So, amnesty is inevitable, for whomever can qualify. They will have to become taxpayers by amnesty. Ain't that a laugh?


geotay Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 9:37 PM
Mexico jails the people that try to get into their country over their Southern border. It is as tight as the Northern border is loose.
geotay Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 10:05 AM
Sorry that the truth does not fit your agenda.

Of all the misguided, corrupt and deranged ideas floating around inside the D.C. bubble, perhaps the single worst one is giving illegal aliens amnesty as part of some sort of attempt to capture the Hispanic vote. If the GOP were to pursue a policy that primarily benefits corrupt business owners, the government of Mexico, and Democrats at the expense of our country and our own base, we'd truly deserve the "Stupid Party" moniker that has so often been hung around our neck. This policy wouldn't be a calculated risk or even a longshot; it would be a game of Russian Roulette...