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Howard Dean: Honestly, Everyone's Going to Have to Pay Higher Taxes Soon

resan Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 7:30 AM
back to the Presidency in 2012, might again in 2016. It's this force that'll carry him into the history books. This new economic force will change everything about the way our country's economy works. It'll also reshape the world's $$-flows for at least the next-50-yrs. It'll make millions of Americans vastly wealthier, improve the standard of living across our entire nation. But, in the process, it'll also make an idol of Obama, giving BHO an unprecedented public mandate. Fracking Oil Boom and the Obamination ! Porter Stansberry Predicts a massive change, that's underway right now in the USA. These new economic forces will reshape the economies of the USA, all countries ! Nobama !

This candid assessment from former DNC Chairman Howard Dean comes after the election, of course -- but better late than never, I suppose.  Listen up, middle class.  The truth comes out:

Note well Larry nodding in agreement as Dean delivers his "heretical" news.  Whether or not they'll say so publicly, most Lefties recognize that across-the-board tax hikes are a necessary ingredient in their broader project of unending government expansionism.  Beating up on "the rich" is a politically-convenient ploy for the moment,...