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Obama & The GOP: Will They Ever Beat This Guy

requiescat in pace Wrote: Feb 25, 2013 12:31 PM
"...but next time we're going further left." Sorry dude--too late. Uncle Hugo is down for the count in his "workers' paradise" of Venezuela. The Useful Idiots of the Left will never be content until they destroy Western civilization--by which time they themselves will have been destroyed.

The current political wisdom as expressed by the deep thinkers at the Washington Post and the New York Times holds that President Obama stands triumphant and, as such, he is now confidently setting the national agenda. As E.J. Dionne wrote in the Post last week, “He (Obama) is free from the need to save an economy close to collapse, from illusions that Republicans in Congress would work with him readily, from the threat of a rising Tea Party movement, and from the need to run for re-election.” Is that a fact? Today the economy shows an 8% unemployment rate, which is...