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Liberal Media Might As Well Wear Obama Buttons

requiescat in pace Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 3:55 PM
Deep down, the hard Left doesn't believe in democracy. Their self-anointed moral superiority entitles them to power over the "bitter clingers" & rubes who infest flyover country. For that reason, they will seize and hold power according to Marx's maxim: "The ends justify the means." Sadly, one of Them already inhabits the WH.
The liberal media gave the ceaselessly political President Obama a pass for campaigning instead of performing his presidential duties when they were most needed, while they castigated Mitt Romney for being political when he was the only one of the two acting presidential.

To be sure, Obama is a political candidate for re-election to the presidency, but do we have to remind ourselves -- as he often reminds us -- that he also currently holds that office and that it includes duties that supersede his political activities?

After remaining silent for hours after the attacks in Egypt and Libya, Obama called a...