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Veteran Democrat politicians know their districts are chock-full-of LIVs (low information voters) who can smoothly be manipulated to stay on the Democrat Plantation. After all, they can easily be persuaded that the other party (the wicked GOP) desires to either enslave them or starve them to death. Believe me—Voters in those districts would vote for Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin or Charlie Manson if a “D” was planted after their name.
So Lena's making the church rounds with a Planned Parenthood Agenda. "Just because you find a mouse in the cookie jar doesn't necessarily make it a cookie."
If we paid attention to Barack Obama's upbringing, an anti-Western core value was inevitable. Mama Obama (Stanley Ann Dunham) was fiercely anti-religion and anti-American. She selected for all her husbands/lovers men from the far Left. Barack Obama, Sr., a Kenyan socialist, believed the Soviet Union was a "stabilizing force" and that the US & UK were at the root of all the world's troubles. Barack Jr. is merely fulfilling the "dreams from his father."--- and our nightmares.
When "the ends justify the means," ethnics and honesty are luxuries one cannot afford.
"Let's get over there!" Sure, John. The Obamanistas will "fix" everything. The hubris. Unbelievable. P.S. Bibi -- You're on your own.
Dear Madam (Ex) Speaker: Time to set up to the plate and open your estate to those "new Americans" that you long "to embrace". Could we send 10 school bus loads for a start? [Most room will be required next year when an estimated 100,000 more will arrive through Mexico.] I will volunteer to drive a bus free-of-charge! Madam Speaker? Madam Speaker?..........Where are you??
We are all Redskins now.
Bad karma, Lefties. Bad karma. You can't win this one.
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The Turbulent Summer of 2014

requiescat in pace Wrote: Jul 17, 2014 10:44 AM
We are rapidly evolving into an Orwellian three-tier society: 1)"the Inner Party": Liberal Elite who rule and maintain great wealth (the equals who are "more equal" than others) 2) "the Outer Party": government bureaucrats who implement dictates of the Inner Party 3) the "proles": the vast majority reduced to permanent poverty and dependence
True. But Baghdad Bob was much more entertaining.
"A demagogue," said H.L. Mencken, "is somebody who knows he is telling lies to people he knows are idiots." As long as Holder & Obama have a receptive (dumbed-down) audience, they will play their race cards.
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