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In Nov. of 2012, too many non-radical, non-liberal, non-socialist Americans sat on their collective backsides because Mitt Romney was too rich or too Republican or too Mormon. Posterity shall call you fools for allowing the current regime to corrupt our nation and our rule-of-law. You are like those Romans nobles who opened the gates of Rome and allowed the Goths to plunder it.
"The truth, Winston, is whatever the Party says it is." --- Orwell
Someday, this Administration's entire reign will be summarized by that term--along with "smidgen".
"White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said new Ebola Czar Ron Klain will report to former U.N. ambassador and current National Security Advisor Susan Rice. " Within a year, Czar Klain will be trained as an expert Liar & Fraud.
Note how the (long suppressed) truth is at odds with the current Democrat talking points. "Who controls the Past controls the Future; Who controls the Present controls the Past" -- Orwell
The first SWAT team must visit 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to clean out the corruption therein.
Sure, Senator. Just like our Ambassador wasn't was not murdered -- but died from smoke inhalation? And video protesters routinely bring RPGs & mortars to their rallies? You and your Feckless Leader must believe the American people are as clueless as you are.
Dear Mr PresBO: The first healthcare worker infected by Mr. Duncan, Nurse Pham, has been transported to the D.C. area. Perhaps you & your strong-armed woman could greet Ms. Pham with a warm hug & kiss; then put her up for the night in the Lincoln Bedroom? Luv....Bad Karma
Barack Obama has positioned himself at the intersection of two opposing forces: Liberalism and reality. Is there any mystery now as to the chaos this ill-conceived administration has unleashed?
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Why I Oppose Liberalism

requiescat in pace Wrote: Oct 16, 2014 12:41 AM
"Liberalism is a mental disorder." --- Michael Savage
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