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Show some compassion, my friends! ?Dems need to protect their most reliable constituencies: illegal aliens, convicted felons, deadbeats & the dead.
...And if you persist with the voter fraud narrative, you're a racist! Debate shut down.
"A simple solution for this issue is a voter ID law." And allow the Democrat Party to lose their most reliable constituents?----illegal aliens, convicted felons, deadbeats & the dead.
The fuss over David Gregory and MTP reminds me of a critique of "The David Susskind Show" by the late William F. Buckley. "Mr. Susskind," wrote Buckley "is notable for hosting at a circular table a large number guests, ranging from left liberal to left liberal."
? My Dear Comrade Barack: I wish to personally thank you for your generous offer at our summit in 2012 to be “more flexible”---as soon as you had fooled those pesky American “bitter clingers” in one last election. Russia’s foreign policy is now so easy for me! I know how to make elections irrelevant; so can you. You like power? Watch how I do it. Would you and your tall woman care to join me for a beautiful vacation in Kiev? Luv, Vlad
"Every time he opens his mouth a series of lies tumble out! " Actually, when he's off-Teleprompter, it's " me be perfectly"
The college campus has become the refuge for hard Left societal parasites: They spew their utter hatred for the "bitter clingers" who subsidize them. Time for a reckoning...
It's logical: If Omar Mohamed Kalmio's enablers like Sharia Law so much, we have the right to implement Sioux Tribal Law! :)
# 7) Socialism is worth trying again and again and again.... It never really failed; it just wasn't managed properly. Our ______Administration knows how to implement socialism.
"State Dept is Unable to Identify a Single Clinton Accomplishment" However, Hillary will easily get nominated (or coronated) by the Democrats; she has a very good chance of becoming the 45th POTUS. Why? Our electoral experiences in 2008 & 2012 make it very clear: To our ascendant class of LIVs (low-information voters), historical facts and logic don't count for much at all. Demagogues rule.
Why bother with facts & logic when dealing with Liberals? In their alternate reality, it's the FEELINGS that count! The Cult of the Useful Idiots is leading us towards the cliff.
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