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The visas come with a Voter's Card (pre-stamped "D") stapled on the back.
The modern meme was supposed to be that “Sexuality is a private issue; it’s your business, not the public’s.” Now the Mayor of Houston wishes to ram her chosen lifestyle (lesbianism) down everyone’s throats, making it everyone’s business. March in lockstep with “her honor”—or else. No thank you. Your arrogance shall be your downfall, Ms. Mayor.
"Liberals claim to be open and tolerant to other points of view but then are shocked and offended when they discover there ARE other points of view." -- William F. Buckley, Jr.
Josh Earnest: "Democrats Might Not Be Doing Very Well Because Obama Hasn't Fundraised Enough" Oh. "Oceania is at war with Eastasia; Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia."
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The Audacity of Greg Orman

requiescat in pace Wrote: 3 hours ago (5:29 PM)
The title of York's column should be "The Audacity of Harry Reid" : It's Dirty Harry's hand behind this "Independent" in the Kansas Senate race.
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Obama Casts Vote in Illinois

requiescat in pace Wrote: 3 hours ago (5:14 PM)
Old Chicago saying: Vote early....and often!
He ALWAYS was worse than Bush. After all, George Bush has always been pro-American. BO? post-American
So a sure-loser Democrat candidate happens to drop out, allowing an Independent a chance to win and caucus with the Dems. I smell Harry Reid.
Press Secretary: White House Did Not Want an Ebola Expert to be Ebola Czar Oh. "Ignorance is Strength" -- Orwell
In Nov. of 2012, too many non-radical, non-liberal, non-socialist Americans sat on their collective backsides because Mitt Romney was too rich or too Republican or too Mormon. Posterity shall call you fools for allowing the current regime to corrupt our nation and our rule-of-law. You are like those Romans nobles who opened the gates of Rome and allowed the Goths to plunder it.
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