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Yes, "Ignorance is Strength" The memes circulating among Democrat talking heads & liberal blogs are: Long-Term: "demographics is destiny", i.e. the minorities will over-populate the electorate and block-vote; Short-Term: 2016 will be the Democrat bounce-back year. More GOP Senate seats are at stake and "Cousin Pookie will get off the couch." I can't wait until reality hits these fools.
"The great enemy of clear language is insincerity." -- George Orwell
Robert Mugabe "fundamentally transformed" his resource-endowed nation (then known as Rhodesia) into Zimbabwe, a one-party Marxist dictatorship where he has ruined the economy, persecutes his political rivals at will and is propped up by a servile state-run media. Sound familiar?
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The Audacity of Arrogance

requiescat in pace Wrote: Nov 13, 2014 11:23 AM
When one believes in their own moral and intellectual superiority over others, arrogance is unavoidable.
Anyone whose philosophy of governing is "We know what's good for you---and we'll see that you get it!" tends to be arrogant.
There were copies of the Gruber videos locked up in many a MSM vault.
Rep. Gowdy: Show no mercy with them --- and retain a good tax attorney.
In your faces, bitter clingers! That's the message I perceive. Unless we teach these smug elitists an electoral lesson that lasts a very long time, they will be more than happy to give the "one finger salute" to middle America again and again.
“A hallmark of progressive politics is the ability to hold fervent beliefs, in defiance of evidence, that explain how the world works—and why liberal solutions must be adopted.”---Kate Bachelder I take the above statement as axiomatic. Therefore, unless we can ideologically sow the scorned liberal earth with salt, they'll be back!
These were BO's talking points the day after. In other words, Cousin Pookie really supports me all the way, but he just didn't get off the couch on Nov. 4. Our POTUS dwells in an alternate reality.
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