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Debbie "Angry Perm" Wasserman-Schultz is of little to no concern. Who gives a damn what she has to say?
As long as the top military brass stay on the job. the Obamanites have ready-made scapegoats to malign once the failure of Obama's ISIS "strategy" is known. If the Joints Chiefs were, for example, to resign en masse, the message sent would be clear and Obama will look like the fool he truly is.
Of course the ISIS strategy is destined to fail, but they have a great contingency plan for how to assign blame when it does.
I nearly expect this wimpy liberal to answer the question with "Whatever!" National security in the hands of folks like this? We are in deep do-do.
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Why do Americans Hate America?

requiescat in pace Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 12:01 PM
Why are we surprised? We allowed occupancy of our White House to a man who, like his parents did, believes that the USA is at the root of the world's problems. History shall call us fools.
In Nancy Pelosi's district, civilization ended amidst the pot-infused haze long ago.
We hope you are correct, Kurt. However, never underestimated the complicity of the left-wing national media and its corollary, the ignorance of the American electorate.
Amen. I also am a refugee from the People's Republic of Maryland ? I remember Elijah Cummings quite well from senior high school (Baltimore--1969). He was always the consummate self-promoter & architect of chaos; little seems to have changed. Elijah’s fingers were in the pie, and he sensed the walls were closing in on him & Obama's thugs at the IRS --- hardly a "phony scandal" or "smidgen". If the media were even quasi-balanced, heads would be rolling all over D.C. by now.
No one could top the disappointment from the "high expectations" of our sitting POTUS
Rep. Gowdy: Damn the torpedoes---Full speed ahead! P.S. Hire a good tax attorney.
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