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MLK a radical? as in cop-killer or race-hustler? More rewriting of history, "Professor" Fernandez? "He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past." -- Orwell in "1984"
It does enlighten us as to what some of what "40% approval rating" for BO is all about.
BTW, President Smidgen was just talking about "Stopping the hate". (Oh, sorry. That only applies to Republicans.)
She's got to be a the top of the PC list: a black, single, radical leftist, angry race-obsessed female. (Like Melissa Harris-Perry who "teaches" at Tulane U.)
Planned Parenthood is a purveyor of abortion, making it anti-parenthood. OK in their minds as long as it's "planned."
"Professor" Joanna Fernandez, like Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry, Eric Holder et al, is another race-hustler who longs to glean political power and money out of her absurd assertions. When it comes to racial problems in the USA, this kind of person is a part of the problem, not the solution. Heed her at your own risk.
Obama and his minions have an end game in mind amidst the apparent chaos: Create a barrio-ghetto of Hispanic "refugees" (now the PC term) who will vote en masse for Democrats through thick and thin. After all, look at the demagoguery of the Left with the respect to urban black people: The party knows such people can easily be persuaded that the other party (the wicked GOP) desires to either enslave them or starve them to death. Believe me—Voters in those districts would vote for Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin or Charlie Manson if a “D” was planted after their name. In politics as elsewhere, it is best to know your enemy well. We are contending with the most craven cynicism from the Left. Time to deal with them head-on.
Let's face it: BO assured Putin in early 2012 that he would be "more flexible" after fooling the dumb masses one last time. Putin saw the hole in the line and charged on through. 51% -- Ye suckers!
Expect that the Dems will repeat the "Dude, that was...like....two years ago!" mantra, and hope the dumb masses are apathetic enough to swallow it.
We are rapidly evolving into a three-tiered Orwellian society: 1)”the Inner Party” consisting of Liberal Elites ---the “equals who are more equal than others” (e.g. Hillary Clinton & Michael Moore) 2)”the Outer Party” consisting of bureaucrats who execute the wishes of the Inner Party (e.g. Lois Lerner) 3) “the proles” consisting of the poor and permanently dependent (i.e. the rest of us)
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