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Been there; done that. "Tell him [Putin] I'll be more flexible after my next election."
The biggest Democrat Voter Registration Drive in history.
Put this video in a time capsule, and future historians will call us fools.
Such folks can smoothly be manipulated to stay on the Democrat Plantation. After all, they can easily be persuaded that the other party (the wicked GOP) desires to either enslave them or starve them to death. Believe me—many committed Democrat voters would vote for Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin or Charlie Manson if a “D” was planted after their name. A one-party monopoly is the breeding ground for corruption, demagoguery, low-information voters and yes, stalwart liberals, poverty.
Most of my discussions with liberals on the subject of evil usually boiled down to: “People are not really evil; they are merely unenlightened.” The corollary always amounted to: When we achieve an enlightened, just, utopian society, there will be no reason to behave in an “evil” way. Observing history –or even children on a playground—causes me to question such optimism.
If parasites infect a host too rapidly, then the host dies....and so do the parasites. The Left win not win and dominate---but they can inflict much damage.
"WH: Unlike Some Other People, We Don't View Things Through a Political Lens" Hey Josh, why not open SNL with that line? The laughter will bring down the house.
Sad but true. "The Government that governs best governs least," opined Jefferson. Obama types would inhabit Thomas Jefferson's darkest nightmares.
If we paid attention to Barack Obama's upbringing, an anti-Western core value was inevitable. Mama Obama (Stanley Ann Dunham) was blatantly anti-capitalism and anti-American. She selected for all her husbands/lovers men from the far Left. Barack Obama, Sr., a Kenyan socialist, believed the Soviet Union was a "stabilizing force" and that the US & UK were at the root of all the world's troubles. Barack Jr. is merely fulfilling the "dreams from his father."--- and our nightmares.
That's even scarier than watching this regime in action.
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