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Crumble: Fact-Checkers, Congress, Voters Reject Obama's Sequester Hype

RepubRob2 Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 1:23 PM
Well, let's see. How about our liberal system of justice, which places unlimited liability upon our medical professionals for perceived malpractice? How about not allowing me to purchase health insurance across state lines, thereby limiting competition? How about placing 100% of the responsibility for tracking over-charges in the hands of disinterested insurance companies instead of the people who actually received the services? Just a few examples of how "the health system (got) into this precarious state..." Your answer?

The White House is worried, and rightly so.  People aren't buying President Obama's demagogic campaign of hysteria, mounted in advance his own across-the-board cuts last week.  These "cuts" amount to just over two percent of the 2013 budget and don't even represent a net spending cut over FY 2012.  Obama has been hop-scotching the country warning of imminent agony and doom if these reductions go into effect.  Somehow, nearly a full week after the implementation date, the republic still endures.  The Left's "