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Evidence Tampering U

RepubRob2 Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 8:39 AM
Well, Mr. binder. Sounds like you may have read a couple of WWI and WWII historical pieces, and decided to fit what you learned into an argument that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE IS MAKING!!!! Further, NO ONE CARES, AND NO ONE CAN FIGURE OUT WHY IT MATTERS!!! You actually started with a point. It was an uniformed point, and a point completely unrelated to the article you may have read by Mr. Mike Adams (see above), but the real point of the 47% remark made by Mr. Romney was that these people area receiving from the government far in excess of what they are paying for it, and therefore he could no count on their votes in the general election. As it happens, everything he said was true, now wasn't it?

For years, I've been writing about the issue of censorship on our nation's campuses. But I have given far too little emphasis to due process violations within the so-called campus judiciary. Today, that all comes to an end. This will be the beginning of a series of columns highlighting the worst colleges in America when it comes to due process violations. I will reveal the name of this week's winner after explaining why this university is being ushered into the due process Hall of Shame.

In 2005, a professor was brought up on charges of quid pro quo sexual harassment....