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The word, "Apartheid" is simply not one most people use in everyday conversation - even, I would bet, if you're the Sec of State. This was a well-considered phrase, and Kerry is appropriately being criticized for it. His only "mistake" was that he regrets the flak he's taking over it. It is difficult to wash off true colors.
I suppose if you repeat something often enough, you can convince a certain percentage of the people, perhaps even including yourself, that it's true. Republicans have made many recommendations to improve the delivery of health care, including tort reform and allowing greater competition among insurance providers, even across state lines. But any recommendation that Republicans make that doesn't involve expansion of "health care" to a definition that includes every potential need one may have in their lifetimes isn't considered debatable. Remember that at the time this health care monstrosity was passed, Democrats held both houses of Congress, and it mattered not one bit what Republicans said - it was summarily ignored. Dems own this disaster, and you sound ridiculous arguing that, although Obamacare is unpopular and excessively costly, but that Republicans can't do better. Sometimes, Mr. Progressive, what you HAVE is better than what you GET with new legislation.
How did you get a $5,000 deductible? Please tell me what plan you're on!
Whatever...look, Obamacare is the absolute wrong thing for the country. It over-reaches and over-extends the federal government to a point that Jefferson wouldn't come close to recognizing. Moreover, it would have made Leonid Brezhnev and Fidel Castro laugh at us for our hypocrisy in claiming to be a republic. BUT....Obamacare is here, and all we're doing is sounding shrill in pointing out its deficiencies and how it falls short of its claims and goals. We need to begin girding for the next battle, which is, well, whatever the Dems say is the next Socialist objective. Perhaps mandatory and government-provided life insurance? Perhaps being told the routes we have to travel to work each day? Perhaps government-provided lunch kiosks at which we must dine? Embrace the Tea Party and toss out Dems and weak-kneed RINOs.
Hmmpphh...guess you told me, huh? We're on the same team george, I just want to change coaches. Your dismissal of the Tea Party is not only pretty offensive in the way you're going about it, but runs the risk of further alienating people with honest intellectual differences. Let's keep in mind that the real enemy is the Left, OK?
Sure would be tough to assemble a strong enough military with 24 million people to counter the 300 million still left in the states to your north.
Careful. Alec Baldwin said the same thing before Bush won his second term. And last I checked, Alec was still torturing us with those insipid "what's in your wallet" commercials.
I'll tell you what: Mitch McConnell will still win, but Bevin will have perhaps succeeded in making King Mitch a little more attentive to the Right, which is the base that got him elected in the first place. Note, again, that I never said Bevin, or any other Tea Partier, could win. I said that the process of ideological debate is imperative. If we take Ann Coulter's advice and simply elect incumbents, we get the status quo.
He was referring to his sophomoric use of the term "right" for it... But NRMLUNIT, you strike me as a guy who crows loudly after your baseball team wins a couple of games in a row. The problem is that there's a few more games left in the season. The Dems, themselves, have been left for dead several times, even in my lifetime. You're probably not old enough to remember, which explains your adolescent comments.
Oh, just go shut up. As a leftist, surely you see that you've pulled us so far left as to be teetering on the other side of the earth.
Look, I didn't say they can win a majority. I didn't even say they could win a race. What I AM saying is that if incumbents are not challenged, and they continue to veer left, then what have we won? We're the equivalent of a drowning man who gets one last gasp of air before he finally goes underwater for the last time. That lung full of air feels really good for a few seconds, but you know your ultimate fate is coming eventually. We don't need to be constructing underwater survival techniques. We need to be building ships, and much of the establishment Republican Party is engaging in the former, with the help of columnists like Ann Coulter.
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