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Not according to Senate Democrats. Just ask Bill Clinton.
No, no...it's just that my friend's mother-in-law's nephew makes $80 an hour working from home, and I want me some of that.
Could someone please tell me how I can work from home, and how much money I can make?
I don't know who this Jonathan Goober guy is or why you people are talking about him, but hey, wasn't that a great picture of Kim K's rear end?
And here I was thinking the GOP was the party of "No'.
I respect Mr. Turley's willingness to disagree with the president, but the Democrats are in a race to protect the presidency from ever again falling into Republican hands by legalizing over 12 million "illegal" immigrants. They already can count on 90% of the African American vote, and by legalizing 12 million Hispanics, who also vote overwhelmingly Democrat, they add to the 47% that Mitt Romney spoke of in the 2012 election. So when Mr. Turley says that Dems are creating "something very very dangerous", he neglects the fact that the Dems are minimizing the risk by doing the very thing he cautions them against.
What's the point of being so snide? And can you tell me how Bush "successfully accomplished" the burning of the Republican Party to the ground by exceeding his authority?
Exactly how long have you been visiting this web site? Have you heard how we refer to Liberal Progressives?
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Democracy Delusions

RepubRob2 Wrote: Nov 11, 2014 8:39 PM
I love Stossel, but he can't, on one hand, say that there is "wisdom in large numbers", but on the other hand say that millions of voters make choices that amount to a "coin flip".
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