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Good post, and I agree. But it's also true that the voter base in the US would certainly be more hard-working had Dem politicians not figured out how to give them a way out of it.
And Daniel Pearl died from lack of bloodflow to the brain...
How do you run if you don't have a leg to stand on? Just askin'...
The US used to have leaders who could think and speak as clearly and truthfully as Benjamin Netanyahu. There is no doubt that everything of which he warns will come true if the US continues to seek diplomatic solutions, to view the situation as nuanced, and to seek to be viewed by the world as politically correct. There is nothing politically correct about being nuked, and Netanyahu is correct in his warning.
LOL. Good one.
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Return To Republicanism?

RepubRob2 Wrote: Sep 28, 2014 8:25 AM
Seriously?? You can actually read a thought-provoking and sobering article like this, and your only comment is that you think he misspelled a word? Good grief, go read the Huffington Post.
I looked up "crapweasel" in my dictionary but didn't find it.
You seem blinded by your ideology. I guess I can't blame you. My knee-jerk reaction is mostly to defend the Republicans, and I've been embarrassed a few times. But this one, vanman, is one that doesn't seem defensible on any logical or factual basis. Of COURSE the Republicans aren't swearing out warrants for arrests...the hearings haven't even begun. The ONLY hope for your side now is that it will be found to be utterly incompetent. As an American, though, I hope that it will not be found to be criminally responsible for the deaths of three Americans, although I have to say that there is no fact in this episode, so far, that indicates otherwise.
Do you work for the administration, perhaps? If not, you're a good candidate for a job, taking a page out of their playbook by making a complete and utter fabricated statement and trying to get people to wonder if it's true. Darrell Issa never said this and I challenge you to put up or shut up.
What do you want, man? The people who were in positions ready to provide support have testified that they were told to stand down. Further, it is a matter of record that Ambassador Stephens requested enhanced security, and was denied. Want more? it has been universally agreed that the video that our leader referred to in his UN address had nothing to do with the attack. White House e-mails have been placed in the record that showed that the administration immediately looked for ways to misdirect the public and the media from the real reasons for the attack and onto the ridiculous anti-Islamic video. How much substantiation do you want? If this went to a grand jury, they'd probably vote to convict before it ever went to trial!
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