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The GOP is DONE!
I guess gov spending IS good for the economy... Massive public works projects anyone?
But, but, but...I thought the economy GROWS when govt. spending is cut??? What gives, TBAGRZ?
I LOVE the race-card! It gives us in the RP a convenient excuse to cave-in to the DP... It was tough explaining to our Useful Idiots why govt. grew so much from 2000-2006...thank god for 911 and the boogeyman OBL...now we have a Dem potus and Senate to blame it on!
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Obama Is Not King

BHO1-Deal w/it TBAGRZ! Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 10:17 AM
We own you...you are our cattle...its a legal fact...
I had a wager w/one of my good buddies in the DP...he thought we'd gone too far when we nominated that liberal from Massachusetts (Romney) and said a sizable % of our 'base' would desert us...that the Libertarian Party would get at least 5 million votes... I said I'd bet him a $1 the rubes would line-up behind him and that the LP wouldn't get more than 2 mil... We lost the election (as planned!), but I won my bet--which was FAR more important! Thanks ya suckers!
Decades of public school education is paying off in spades for us in the Club... We've got dumbed-down 'conservatives' battling dumbed-down 'liberals'... We make you send your children to crappy public schools while we send ours to the BEST prep schools money can buy... So, our children will be manipulating your children one day...JUST like we play you Useful Idiots off against each other NOW... Life is good at the top...
Hahaha! We and our buddies in the DP can hardly BELIEVE the Useful Idiots still buy into the phony "Right" VS "Left" crapola...
@ Marie150 I AGREE 100% ABOUT REAGAN!!! "I believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and lived here, even though sometime back they may have entered illegally" --Ronald Reagan (signer of 1986 Amnesty Act)
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