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Ed Schultz Thinks Republicans are Afraid of Him

repal Wrote: Oct 14, 2012 1:03 PM
Obama's campaign-mngr David Axelrod's Communist and Comnst-Inspired Mentors D-A, Chicago-based political operative has long been rumored to be a "RDB" brought up from childhood by Comunist parents, mentors. D-A the man who whispers in Obama's ear was mentored by David Canter, the Soviet educated son of overt American Comunists, who was himself deemed a Soviet agent by the Dem-controld-Congress of the 60s. Axelrod's 1970s work at the Hyde Park Herald, Chicago, caught the attention of ownrs leftist-Don-Rose, Com-David-Canter, they began mentoring D-A. These were the people who forged D-A. D-A got his start as a big-time reporter for the Chicago Tribune on the recomendation of Don Rose. D-A's mother worked for the Comunist infiltrated
repal Wrote: Oct 14, 2012 1:03 PM
NY-PM newspaper.

D-A had veered within the extreme orbit of the old Chicago CPUSA apparatus, indeed, the Amer-Comnst-Prty was founded in Chicago in Sept-1919.

Of the 2, David Canter had the deep Party and even Soviet roots.

D-C's father Harry left Russia in the 1880s. H-C hooked up with every progressive and Comunist cause under the sun, from the Scottsboro Boys to Sacco-Vanzetti.

In May 1929 he was convicted for radical activities and served a year in jail. Active in the Industrial Workers of the World, Harry became secretary of the Boston Communist Party.

In 1930, he ran for governor of MA on the Comunist Party ticket. Harry's devotion was such that in 1932 he earned a special invitation to Stalin's USSR, which he enthusiasticly
repal Wrote: Oct 14, 2012 1:03 PM
accepted, bringing along his entire family.

In the words of Harry's grandson, Evan, "The family was invited to go over to the Soviet Union so that my grandfather could teach printing techniques to the Russians.

They were translating ideological papers into English at that time. I have several vols of translated works that he printed, including a series of Lenin's papers, that actually have my grandfather's name in them."

In 1937, the Canters suddenly left Moscow, moved back to America, just happened to settle in Chicago, center of the Amer-Comunist-Prty, 2nd only to NYC in Com-Prty activity.