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Terrific: America Lags Behind 31 Other Countries in Mathematics

renny4 Wrote: Sep 23, 2012 8:10 AM
I just wrote Romney should fire the entire State and start over and he should dissolve the Dept of Ed. and give it up. Scores have done nothing but plummet since Carter caved to the NEA (union) and started ot DOE. And it does almost nothing except give out BILLIONS in grants to people taking vacations to appreciate art, study "Eksimo" math, take private piano lessons, and/or promote Ebonics. Some of those are worthless and others should be paid for by citizens on their own and not any fed. dept. Bork'em. VOTE THE ENTIRE REP.TICKET IN NOV.

I understand that we are more than $16 Trillion in debt and unemployment has been above eight percent for 43 straight months, but education reform is a moral imperative that cannot wait:

We have a crisis in our schools. This is not a new revelation, but it needs to be stated regardless, particularly at the start of another academic year and at a time when America is struggling to compete in the very fields — math, science, technology — that are defining the global economy. Consider that U.S. high school students graduate with just a 32 percent proficiency...