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Return of the Credibility Gap

renny4 Wrote: Jan 01, 2013 7:47 AM
Yes, but zero has the entire LSM campaigning for him; whereas, the press, tho' liberal in the 60s (with no FOX or cons. net), was not the sycophantic minion it has become since the Clintons..
Lyndon Johnson, step aside. Barack Obama is far more deserving than you ever were of the term "credibility gap."

The latest Benghazi lie to crumble like a cigar ash was the assurance from White House spokesman Jay Carney that four State department employees had been fired for their mishandling of the situation following an internal report that found security to have been "grossly inadequate." On Dec. 20, Carney told reporters "Accountability has been brought to bear with regard to four individuals, who are very senior." Major news organizations reported that Eric Boswell, assistant secretary of state in charge of security,...