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Photo: Senate Democrats Not Even Showing Up for Budget Meetings At This Point

renny4 Wrote: Apr 19, 2012 9:42 AM
The Dems. showed up to vote ocare on their own, Dodd-Frank almost on their own, and spent $5 trillion more than Bush in four years virtually on their own. Get rid of them. VOTE THE ENTIRE REPUBLICAN TICKET IN NOVEMBER.

A picture is worth 1,086 words:*


What you're looking at is a view of today's Senate Budget Committee meeting, at which Chairman Kent Conrad conducted a faux "markup" of his party's FY 2013 budget resolution.  The near side of the table is where Democrats were supposed to sit.  Granted, this entire exercise was somewhat academic because its resulting product would receive neither a vote in this committee, nor in the Senate at large.  Details!  Throughout much of the...