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Obama's Real Cost: $19 Trillion in Missing GDP

renny4 Wrote: Jan 26, 2013 8:30 AM
zero's aim is to siphon off the US middle class standard of living. Drive for pleasure any more? Not when gasoline cost over $3 a gallon. Set your thermostat at 72 degrees in this 20 degree whether? Not if your electricity bill is skyrocketing. Providing jobs in energy that could make the US a net seller of nat gas, coal, and oil? No, this admin. cuts back, EPA's out of business, or just defies the courts and maintains an energy moratorium in the Gulf as an outlaw. zero likes unemployment, it pulls in more welfare krap like food stamps, housing support, clothing allowances, student "loans" for people trying to upgrade their employability for no jobs. And if Bernanke is successful, the dollar could collapse before zero's term is up.

There's a super storm raging over our economy that's been seeded and fueled by the federal government over a period of the past several decades. And it's literally costing the country trillions of dollars in GDP per year.
It’s not merely garden-variety government waste that's the problem either. It's monumental stupidity by the government, combined with venial cupidity by voters who think they can get others to pay for their free lunch.

This government-created storm has, more than any other factor, contributed to the fiscal crisis; a crisis that is creating more expansive government programs, robbing us of more GDP, thus ensuring...

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