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Obama on Foreign Policy: Tax the Rich

renny4 Wrote: Oct 20, 2012 9:17 AM
Taxing "the rich" 100% would barely run th gov. for a few weeks. And then what? In the meantime, the rich who run businesses and corporations and hire the most workers for the priv. ec. would be toast and so would their businesses and employment. So, how does that work folr your hope and change?

As we run up to the final debate- this one on foreign policy- the establishment media hopes that it will be a defining moment in the Obama presidency.

But we already know that Obama’s speech- disguised as a debate- will contain nothing new.

His foreign policy will be based on a simple premise:

“If the rich were taxed at the same rates they were half a century ago,” said Obama senior advisor David Plouffe last year, “they’d be paying in over $350 billion more this year alone, which translates into trillions...

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