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Obama Campaign Dodges Chicago Teacher Strikes, Then Makes Jokes

renny4 Wrote: Sep 10, 2012 5:55 PM
The Mooch's father made the equivalent of $200,000 and she went to the best "public" byinvitationonly school in Chicago. Neither the Mooch nor the big zero had typical pub school eds. and their daughters go to the most exclusive prep school in the nation. Sidwell. Google it.

Team Obama is keeping pretty mum when it comes to commenting on the Chicago Teacher Union strike today that left 400,000 students without a classroom to learn in. National press secretary for the Obama campaign, Ben Labolt, dodged questions regarding the matter, essentially saying the strike situation shouldn't be turned into a political football on a national level.


You know what else doesn't help educate kids? Teachers who choose to strike rather than show up to work.

Shortly after Labolt bolted from the...