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New Ad Ridicules "Celebrity" President, Targets Young Voters

renny4 Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 7:43 PM
Well, I am not a Paulite, but legalizing drugs would 1) take the crime out of them, 2) end some of the terror in Mexico, Colombia, Afghanistan, and other foreign places where peasants are just trying to earn a living; 3) free law enforcement to handle non-drug violent crime; 4) free 3/4's of minorities in prison for non-violent drug-related incarceration; 5) the border wars would be lessened with the illegal benefits removed 6) pharmaceuticals would produce the drugs 7) pharmacies would distribute 8) drs. would prescribe 9) patients would be known and offered rehab if wanted or needed 10) would allow the disbanding and federal savings of the DEA
tdarrington Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 9:10 PM
Putting drugs behind the prescription counter does not stop the black market. It is the black market for drugs (even sudaffed since it has been placed behind the counter) is what fuels the street gangs and violence that fuels the militarization of our police. Everybody who wants to use drugs can get them and use them despite prohibition. Free, open access will eliminate the black market, reduce the price and increase the safety of the supply, but not increase the number of users one bit. In fact, the number of users would probably decrease once the "forbidden fruit" aspect is removed.

The spot is geared toward younger voters, at whom Obama's taxpayer-funded panderfest has been aimed over the last several days:

This American Crossroads video merges Reagan's 1980 "are you better off?" refrain with the McCain campaign's effective (and therefore raaaaacist, natch) "celebrity" ad from 2008: