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Liberals Suck at Math and Eyeballs

renny4 Wrote: Apr 28, 2013 9:15 AM
Ah, so, and if she has fainted PUBLICLY twice in a decade (and how many times in private is unknown) and has had at least one concussion and one blood clot on the brain, she could have a long history of mentalemotional/physical brain problems, and we do not know what kind of mental deficiency she has been suffering for at least 10 years. I hate to say this, but if the deaths in Benghazi keep Clinton out of the presidency, we should honor them for their sacrifice and consider ourselves lucky. Because Clinton is smarter than ozero, more really ideological, and will have Bill with her to sell their socialist paradise to the lo-info voters for prob. eight years. By then, the USA will be no more than initials.

Myer2 wrote: Why is algebra such a problem? Most of you feel science is a leftwing plot (evolution and global warming)- The New Liberals’ Hymnal: The Book of Common Core

Dear Comrade No. 2,

Science is not, in and of itself, a leftwing plot. For that to be true scientists would have to be cool people, not the mathematically-gifted, socially awkward wallflowers who never really had friends- or dates- in high school.

Elbert Einstein was the greatest theoretical physicist ever. He had rather childish views about money, economics and politics however.   

The idea of...