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Don't Do Business with Progressive Appeasers

renny4 Wrote: Apr 11, 2012 7:38 PM
Money talks. Don't see Hanks, Roberts, Clooney, Streisand, and don't listen to the music of progs., read their books and novels, or watch their tv shows. Cons. are 40% or more of the nation and could by ec, power alone change this culture. Write to tv stations and advertisers and tell them how you feel and what you are going to do. When advertisers threatened Rush, I wrote all I could contact and canceled ones that I had business with. They think they are doing the "right thing" only because they think it generates good pr and sales. When they find out their actions aren't beneficial, they will change.

Let's stipulate: Activists on the left are free to exercise their rights of speech and assembly to boycott businesses whose politics they oppose. Conversely, activists on the right are free to exercise the power of their pocketbooks and refrain from supporting businesses that shun their values.

So, what are you waiting for, conservatives? There are coordinated shakedowns taking place right now that involve some of America's most prominent companies who've chosen to surrender to progressive bullying and race-card opportunism. Silence is complicity.

On Tuesday, McDonald's told liberal magazine Mother Jones that the company had "decided to cut ties...