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CIA Climate Center Closing

renny4 Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 4:27 PM
Oh, BS. During the Cretaceous period, the average temp was 82 degrees, there were no polar ice caps, no ozone layer (Nat. Geo), most of N. Am. was an inland sea, NJ was a mile under water, and the dinosaurs and other life thrived. 10,000 years ago, NYC was a mile under a freezing glaciier. No SUV or coal-fired power plant had anything to do with those climate changes.

Somewhere, Al Gore is throwing a temper tantrum. The CIA is getting rid of it's climate center, something taxpayers never should have paid for in the first place.

With the U.S. intelligence budget shrinking, the CIA has quietly shut down its Center on Climate Change and National Security -- a project that was launched with the support of Leon Panetta when he led the agency, but that drew sharp criticism from some Republicans in Congress.

Multiple sources with knowledge of the center said it closed its doors earlier this year, with its staff and...