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Black Panics and White Hispanics

renny4 Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 10:10 AM
White liberals have been trying to ruin blacks for decades. Before the Civil Rights Act of 1964, blacks in 1960 had a 10% illegitimacy rate, an unemployment rate for black males only 1% above white males, and 90% marriage rate. That included being under segregation. Now, after LIBERATION by "Dems." (but not Southern Dems.),blacks have a 73% illegitimacy tate, 6 in 10 black pregnancies in NYC are aborted, and 73% of black professional women believe they will never marry. So much for LIBERAL do-gooding for blacks. And, the libs. have also ruined ed., sponsored the drug culture, and love the sexual revolution. All terrible events for blacks.
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In my many years of serving on faculty hiring committees, I have often heard the statement “minorities and women are encouraged to apply.” It usually follows in close proximity to the statement “our institution does not discriminate on the basis of race.” The two statements cannot be reconciled by logic. But, then again, logic is considered a form of white oppression at the postmodern university.

Nor can those hiring statements be...