Previous 21 - 30 Next Pointing out Russia and Europe points to the future because we will be getting stronger heat waves. The heat waves will become longer and higher temperature in future scenarios.
So let me get this. Because it is government it is totally disqualified. Getting into details, there is a lot of science, for instance fracking was gov funded starting 30 years ago. This has lit up the US to become the leading oil producer by around 2020. We have successively higher ratios the last 3 decades
Toyota is already doing it. China is not sharing very well and we are forced into it. It is about the strongest magnetic field you can get.
You have a pretty simple exclusion there bigdawgworking. Peer reviewed science is their base of discussion. You may make up anything you want for exclusion. CO2 after temperature is the solubility of co2 in water and land. There is a 800 year delay for the mild temperature signal to penetrate the earth and oceans along with positive feedback.
Second hand smoke anyone? They are a service to industry to do their dirty work with a poor reputation. The Heartland Institute, according to the Institute's web site, is a nonprofit "think tank" that questions the reality and import of climate change, second-hand smoke health hazards, and a host of other issues that might seem to require government regulation
Your distrust of government doesn't disqualify government.
Congradulations on your excellent education. During the heat wave in Russia, wheat crop production fell to the point that Russia refused to export. During the 2003 european heat wave crop output fell. I have a BS in Engineering Technology. I can understand a great deal of the science.
Heartland? Fossil fuel funded you know. Realclimate has scientists and heartland has lobbyists.
I also believe in God, but then the IPCC puts out a 3000 page document listing evidence about global warming.
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