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They are the best climate scientists in the world writing there. You don't have to accept them. But then what that says about you is big.
I've been censored by a lot of sites for the very things I have said here. I get on denier sites intentionally and some just don't even want me there. What John Cook does extremely well is use peer reviewed science to back up every important point he makes. I have dealt with popular technology a lot. To be honest, they aren't impacting the science field. In order to really make a dent, you have to publish in the science field with high quality science. I have watched the die hard denier scientists flop on papers not written for the science field but to people like you as their audience. Then they cry foul that they are being discriminated against. It's a consistent repeating pattern. I have been showing the science, but what I am really dealing with is resistance to gov regulation. Gov regulation or not, co2 emissions warm the planet. co2 gave us the Holocene at 280ppm co2 co2 gives us the ice age at 180ppm co2 co2 at 400ppm will give us a warmer climate. How much warmer? We may not stop till about 600ppm co2. Sea level rise will be huge. That will be the economy killer in the future.
I'll stick with global warming and you aren't able to hold a conversation on global warming. Nice try. It has been warming that time since 1998 and will continue to warm. If the oceans absorb the energy and bury it, it just may come back out soon.
Really big problems have been created by the industrial society with the support of gov. It will work the best with private and gov working together to get out of it. I don't agree that one should be exclusively hated over the other.
FederalFarmer Wrote: 5 hours ago (2:51 PM) Two decades? Come on. ##################### I might be off on what you are talking about. We have been warming overall for 150 years since the beginning of the industrial revolution.
FederalFarmer Wrote: 4 hours ago (3:42 PM) The end of the Little Ice Age, right? ###################### We know why we are warming now. Pointing out Russia and Europe points to the future because we will be getting stronger heat waves. The heat waves will become longer and higher temperature in future scenarios.
So let me get this. Because it is government it is totally disqualified. Getting into details, there is a lot of science, for instance fracking was gov funded starting 30 years ago. This has lit up the US to become the leading oil producer by around 2020. We have successively higher ratios the last 3 decades
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