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The carbon in the atmosphere is ours. We put it there.
Actually he got most of it right. Its just inconvenient truth is all.
no not acutually. oil is algae from 80 million years ago.
Phil Jones isn't a dag...................dog {{ nit nit }}
John Cook has an international volunteer team writing for the skeptical science site. He writes very little for the site now and is employed by a university in Australia
There are 10's of 1000's of peer reviewed science papers on all the fields of global warming. They check each other's work and withdraw or rewrite it. The longer the work stays out in the public, the less chance there is a mistake in it. The amount of study on the future of our crops is extensive. Illinois where I am from will get stronger heat waves. Wisconsin is not as good a corn growing state as Iowa and Illinois are. You don't like gov support. To get through all this, there will be tremendous help needed from our gov to make the changes we need.
Fossil fuels are subsidized to the tune of 2 trillion a year. There are a lot of empty holes being drilled in the gulf of Mexico producing no oil.
Tesla is going for the gigafactory. Zero co2 emissions are a necessary requirement later on this century. There will be winners and loosers. Tesla may win with this idea or he may loose. We will see. http://cleantechnica.com/2014/05/12/tesla-gigafactory-make-car-last-decades-selling-new-batteries-old-teslas/
They are the best climate scientists in the world writing there. You don't have to accept them. But then what that says about you is big.
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