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But didn't Ryan help Romney get alot of Catholic votes ? Wasn't it mostly the womens votes going to Obama that lost it for Romney !
Then why'd Romney get the same amount of votes as Obama ? 51% for Communist-Marxist Obama, 49% for moderate-Conservative Romney !
AZ-SB-1070 is a good bill-law !
Joe Arpaio would be a good DoHS or ICE Director !
Lance the Mexican !
If they threw the race it was to weaken the Republican Party enough, In order to root-out-destroy the Tea Party that is found within the Rep-Party !
Fraud by who ? The Dems tampered with the vote counts, Or the GB-2, Jeb Bush, Carl Rove pro-amnesty type RINO's, covertly did as much as they could to throw the race to keep the most pro-Amnesty politician Obama as President ?
Oh ok, So you're a Mexican !
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