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The Media That Ignored Obama’s Beliefs Goes After Mitt’s Mormonism

Renaissance Nerd Wrote: Apr 16, 2012 1:57 PM
How many 6th Century BC Manassehites do you have to compare them to? Modern Jews & Levites are mixed with Turks, Visigoths, Berbers, Germans, Poles, and a bunch of others. Thus far there is no way to compare the bloodlines of the time period in question with present-day Jews. We Mormons never believed those of African descent were inferior; as Joseph Smith said "take a black 'boy' and give him an education, and he'll take the shine right off his so-called master." The priesthood blessing worked in stages. Originally only the Levites were priests. Then gentiles of non-Canaanite stock were added, and lastly those descended from Canaan. It has nothing to do with race, but rather lineage.
DukeofAlb Wrote: Apr 17, 2012 12:19 AM
Well said, but they only believe half truth and lies that agree with there Bigoted prejustices. I wish they would truly hear the truth.
Renaissance Nerd Wrote: Apr 16, 2012 2:06 PM
The survival of the Church at all was a close-run thing. I personally believe that if we had come out with our real beliefs, that all souls are equally valuable to God, it would've been a bridge too far. Racism was the norm in the time; even abolitionists didn't believe blacks were equal to whites. Total equality was an extremely radical belief back then. As it was, just voting against slavery (though not officially abolitionist) was enough to cause the Democrats to issue an extermination order against us in Missouri. The first shots of the Civil War, one might argue.

When the former junior state senator from Chicago, one Barack Obama—a man no one knew diddly about—decided, “Hey, I’m gonna run for president!” people were eager to learn more about this promising upstart. Uncle Joe Biden was curious about Barack. Joe said at first blush that Obama seemed “clean” and “articulate,” which, I think, would be a hate crime if a conservative said that about him.

Anyhoo, Obama impressed many chiefly because he could enthusiastically read vague, cliché-riddled speeches off a teleprompter that included lots of big words like nobody’s business! This ability to read hazy political speeches in...