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The Economy in 2015 Might Shock You

Renaissance Nerd Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 3:48 PM
I'm more worried about inflation than taxes. I got my last raise 5 years ago, and immediately we had a 5% pay cut because of bad economic times. That lasted 22 months. Then we had a 2.5% pay cut the next two years. This year I'm finally getting the pay I was raised to 5 years ago--first time actually getting my official salary. And in the intervening time, officially inflation has eaten up 12% of that, so I'm still not getting paid as much as I was six years ago. But inflation isn't quite as even as it seems. Some things are down, and they average out those goods rising faster than inflation, like food and gasoline. And now with a 6% tax hike, and more expensive health insurance, etc...I'm gonna be over 21-22% poorer. UGH.

In the summer of 2015, either one or both political parties will begin the search for their next presidential. By that time, the whole tenor of political positions will have sharply changed.

At least, we can only hope so.

That's because our economy is unlikely to handle three more years of gridlock, which keeps us stuck in a phase of higher government spending and shrinking revenue. Any day now, the ever-rising mountain of debt will need to be addressed. In the face of inaction, the bond market will have spoken by 2015 anyway, as "bond vigilantes" force...
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