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Museum Visit Reveals a lot of Uncertainties Within Darwinism

Renaissance Nerd Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 12:02 PM
In point of fact there is no evidence that supports Darwinian evolution; it's the reason Gould came up with punctuated equilibrium because the slow steady change over time via mutation and natural selection is not supported by any evidence of any kind. Speculation is not evidence. I would be much more likely to listen to evolutionary preachers if they would stop screaming "shut up! the science is settled! how dare you question the ultimate truth INFIDEL DEFILER!"

I went to two New York City churches on the last Sunday morning of May: First a Christian one, then the American Museum of Natural History, a towering steeple within the Church of Darwin.

My first stopping point: The Spitzer Hall of Human Origins on the lower level, a dark and crowded chapel with hairy figures created to show man's purported hominid ancestry over several million years. Some parents were catechizing their young children: "Look, those are our relatives." (As I listened, one unbelieving girl, staring at the private parts of the hirsute mannequins, laughed, "We didn't come from them."...