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Jane Austen's Advice: Choose the Right Man and Live Happily Ever After

Renaissance Nerd Wrote: Apr 18, 2012 11:20 AM
She mixed with society throughout her life. The fact that she never married doesn't make her a 'shut in.' Good grief what a Victorian attitude! However even if she were, it wouldn't change the acuity of her observations. How many of her contemporary novelists can you name, besides Sir Walter Scott and Mrs. Radcliffe, who only remains in print because Austen mentions her? Jane Austen's ability to observe and describe is still selling books after 200 years. I think it's fairly obvious that if people still want to read her books after such a long time, there might be something to them.

Culture Challenge of the Week:  Finding A Good Man

Call it the lament of the young, single woman: there are no good men left. Or if there are, where are they? And how can a young woman pursue a healthy, marriage-minded relationship in a singles culture of casual sex and perpetual adolescence?

In her new book, The Jane Austen Guide to Happily Ever After (Regnery Publishing, 2012), Elizabeth Kantor provides some answers. She writes, “Of course it’s no secret that modern mating rituals have gone badly wrong.” And indeed they have: the number of cohabitating couples...