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Censorship Last Liberal Shot

Renaissance Nerd Wrote: Jun 02, 2014 1:27 PM
When one side wants to shut down debate, it's not because they're confident in their position. I was born a Mormon, and when I was 11 years old my dad told me I should study other religions and learn as much as I could before become a Deacon at age 12. I started then, and decided to continue as a Mormon until I reached a conclusion. By the time I was 15 I had read the Quran and 5 different versions of the Bible, about ancient philosophy and myth, black magic and Darwinsim, and many others. I'm still a Mormon, these 30 years later. My dad demonstrated his confidence in his beliefs, and after probing and testing, I concurred. How many sincere Muslims are there in the world? We'll never know, because they'll be killed for asking a question, never mind joining another religion. That is the position of ultimate weakness: if you have to kill or silence people to keep them from apostatizing, you have NO confidence in your beliefs.
I think another good one is "KKK Rock-star" Margaret Sanger. It hits them on so many levels: abortion, racism, etc. Mention how she used to go to KKK rallies and whip up support for her plan to eradicate through abortion 'human weeds' like blacks and the mentally ill and 'idiots and imbeciles.' Then mention that Hillary Clinton is the proud recipient of the Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood. Ever wonder why the Democrats dropped the KKK like a hot rock? Between the news media terrifying blacks and intimidating rivals, and Planned Parenthood ending 2.2 out of every 5 black pregnancies through abortion, what need for lynchings and castrations? The black population is plummeting thanks to these more modern incarnations of the KKK: from 20% in 1900 to 13% in 2000, despite millions of immigrants from Africa and the West Indies.
"Law is his religion, and he is its priest. You never get anywhere arguing religion with a priest." --H. Beam Piper, "Little Fuzzy"
Which cements yet again the likelihood that our next president will be fighting a four- or five-front war, all of them relatively low-intensity, but requiring serious commitment and plain ole guts. When I look at the current field, I don't feel all warm and fuzzy. Sigh.
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Don't Stigmatize Murderers!

Renaissance Nerd Wrote: May 29, 2014 7:06 PM
I once worked with a guy who was at some point diagnosed as schizophrenic, but I never knew it until after he left the company. He seemed a little odd to me, but not in a way that made me feel uncomfortable or anything. I considered him a friend, and helped him with homework and things like that, and my reward was that later he accused me of 'religious harassment,' probably for helping him with his comparative religion class. It was not taken seriously, because it came with a barrage of other similar accusations against everybody he had worked with. He was not ever fired; just the third time he walked off the job and quit, they wouldn't take him back again. I spoke with him after that, and felt astonished at how different he seemed, so completely paranoid, and my instinct was to reason with him, which of course was completely stupid, but fortunately did no harm that I know of. Later he got into an argument with a friend and they ended up betting $100 on who was toughest. My friend got the worst of it, but he didn't have $100. So when this other guy came to collect, he was shot, but not killed. When the cops came they inexplicably decided to force their way in, and he shot three, killing two. Then he killed himself. The paranoid mindset that comes to some schizophrenics is truly out there, and it can't be reasoned with, because it is not reasonable. He was also off his medication, and his family couldn't do anything about it. They begged, they pleaded, so did his psychiatrist, but they could literally do nothing more to force him to take it. He did not show any particularly violent signs beforehand--I went shooting with him once, at a shooting range near our workplace, and it didn't give me a moment's worry to hand him my rifle, and shoot his Romanian AK47. He actually had an application in to become a policeman, though that was clearly (to everyone else) not in the cards. Some are trying to read a greater social ill into Rodger's rantings, but as Ann says they're rife with the kind of paranoia that is clearly delusional. He sees what isn't there, and sees everything as a personal attack because he's the center of the universe, so everything anyone does is aimed at him, though they are in fact oblivious to his existence, which, if possible, is an even greater insult. He should've been removed to a safe place, but what could his family do? They begged, they told the cops, but only an asylum could've saved his victims.
I doubt you can find anybody in America who disagrees with the basic tenets of early feminism. That '1st wave' accomplished all its goals and disbanded; what has followed has been of a completely different nature. The follow-on fascists and other socialists pretending to be feminists make arguments from Marx, not Stanton or Anthony. The 1st wave addressed real injustice, such as those you mention. The following cadres care only for 'rich people problems' or scheme to kill off the poor and minorities through abortion, while ignoring the very real plight of women outside America. Sanger was a rock-star in her day...with the KKK. My heart bleeds for the wealthy women who couldn't be members at Augusta, really it does. If feminism wants its cachet back, it's simple enough: start campaigning against real injustice again. You'll find a vast majority will support that. So long as we're talking about things like Augusta and fake pay statistics and speech codes against 'bossy', it's going to continue to be considered what it has become: male chauvinism in drag. All feminism does today is ensure that rich old men enjoy plenty of fresh young meat.
One other little thing, there are men who are jerks to other men, who are not jerks to women, or least 'their' women. Those jerks who pay no heed to intellectuals or nerds, or pay too much heed, may be kind and gentle to a wife or girlfriend. Even many Nazis were devoted to their wives and children, and no doubt some of them decided to steel their guts and do what they were ordered for no other reason than to protect their families. I disagree with that kind of thinking, but it's easy for me to say, as I don't yet live in a horrible fascistic state like they did. Point is, outward appearances of jerkiness do not necessarily carry over into all areas of life. It's rare that any of us sees more than the tip of the iceberg--in a fog--when evaluating another person.
Fop goes all the way back to the 15th century. It means a man who is excessively concerned with his appearance and with fashion. Synonyms are dandy, coxcomb, popinjay, swell and dude. Fop is SUCH a good term for your garden-variety politician today. Used in a philosophical or political sense it could mean a perfect weathervane, who is continually and constantly swayed by the winds of public opinion and seeks always to be perfect on their focus-group tested opinions.
I have yet to hear any gay 'marriage' advocate actually try to persuade anyone of their view. They just scream 'bigot' at anyone who disagrees. Who they heck are they do tell us all what we're allowed to believe, or more importantly, what we're not allowed to believe. Apparently the Clintons and Obama were terrible bigots not two years ago, but they done seen the light...or the dark. These gay 'marriage' pushers are the ugliest, most vicious expression of bigotry I've ever seen in my lifetime. They've got the Segregationists beat.
I'm with H. Beam Piper on this one. Once convicted, take them into the jail yard that same day and put a bullet in the back of their heads. People who do this kind of thing should be shot not as a punishment, but for being the kind of people who do this kind of thing. It's hilarious how the anti-capital punishment gang always claim that it's not a deterrent, but then, how would we know? If everybody convicted of 1st degree murder died an hour after their conviction, instead of living for years and sometimes being paroled instead of executed, perhaps it might have deter some from crossing the line. But they know they've got the left on their side, so even after they rape and murder they still have hope that somebody from the Democratic Party will save them. We as a society are over-indulgent of crime in general. Simplify the laws, and carry out the punishments swiftly, and then see if crime is deterred or not.
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Who Created the Rape Culture?

Renaissance Nerd Wrote: May 09, 2014 1:15 PM
Take off your blinders. How exactly are feminists the victims? Do only feminists get raped? In that case the obvious thing to do is abandon feminism. My generation and beyond have all been taught that women want sex far more than men. Feminists and medieval monks agree: women are totally controlled by lust. So what reason does a raging bag of lust have for saying no? She's just being a jerk. She really wants it. That fact that it's all a pile of balderdash is lost on a lot of men, especially young men who haven't yet learned that women are actual individuals rather than a political category. Feminism, pornography, and leftist politics all connive to turn women into consumables for men. I've always said that feminism is male chauvinism in drag, and rape culture is just one more aspect of it. What is feminism but the best way ever created to ensure that rich old men get plenty of fresh young things for the grinder? Whether they're college professors or congressmen or presidents, they have plenty of willing wenches ready to do anything for a few gifts and the prestige of power or fame. Feminism pretends that this behavior is noble, and that all women are, at heart, just prostitutes. Again, just like medieval monks. Amazing how 'progressive' ideas always come from rotten and disproven ancient or medieval beliefs.
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