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Why I Oppose Liberalism

Renaissance Nerd Wrote: Oct 15, 2014 5:20 PM
I vote for petite-fascists, which is the nearest approximation possible.
This applies to pornography as well. A lot of 'actresses' are young women who are coerced into doing more than they bargained for because of threats and lies, and many are prostitutes on the side, though they are generally not so badly treated as those on the street. The libertarian argument that legalization would cure the major ills is flawed because pornography is already legal and regulated and yet women still have to 'escape' from it. Read a few of the horrible tales at thepinkcross.org and realize that people are not rational actors; many an 18-year-old girl can be easily browbeaten and manipulated by an unscrupulous older man, especially when she has no legal knowledge to argue the contents of her contract. And then the 'legal' pornographer offers lots of nice prescription drugs to make the whole thing easier in this highly regulated industry. One essential component of a capitalist system is a minimal level of morality; if you can't trust the money, and have a reasonable expectation that contracts, as stated both written and spoken, will be fulfilled, which requires a minimum of integrity, then the whole system slowly implodes, as we're seeing in our slide into socialism. That lack of integrity FORCES government action, because as people figure out new ways to cheat others, new laws have to be written too--HAVE TO BE written. If you want a capitalistic economy, then the most important thing is ethical training for individuals and for government. This has been undermined for over a century, in every profession, by those who claim that the end justifies the means. It's okay to lie in a trial, if you're trying to overturn the death penalty. It's okay to lie to voters, because everybody expects it. It's okay to lie about sex, because everyone does. When lies are common, and honesty is frowned upon and mocked, capitalism is doomed. It can't survive if nobody trusts the money, the contract, and the merchant. Right now, there are an awful lot of merchants you can't trust, many of them regulated and inspected and audited to a fare-thee-well. There's no reason to assume that purveyors of prostitution, if suddenly made legal actors, will become ethical models and abandon their proven methods of tricking and coercing girls into that life, no matter how much faith you hold in government regulators and taxmen.
It's a universal law: warhead always defeats shield...eventually. It's why defense is always losing game. You can't sit in your castle forever, even if it's presently impregnable. Counterattacks may win, but defenses will always eventually be breached. It's why I think all the internal security at so many tech companies is a total waste of time. Instead of trying to building higher and stronger walls, we should be setting up ways to track back to the source of hacking attacks, and then ruin the lives of the hackers. So long as everybody in business and government keeps to the Maginot Line model, the Blitzkrieg will keep running over and around them.
This is a sop to the poorer women. The wealthy, powerful, successful women who run the male chauvinist (I mean feminist...same thing) realized that their rich people problems aren't really selling with the suffering women in America, so here's their solution! More free stuff! Be a parasite forever! Never take responsibility for yourself! It's not going to sell either. Feminism is dead, and it's central tenet, everything masculine is better than everything feminine, will hopefully die with it.
So anti-semitism has made a comeback among Millennials. It won't last. They'll grow out of it. Kids are notoriously ignorant, always and throughout time, but they don't know it yet. They're still at the stage where they think they know it all, and can't imagine how anyone could disagree. Hmmm. Come to think of it, that sounds like every leftist of any stripe. The Peter Pan crowd will remain among them, but some, hopefully most, will grow up. The Palestinians are the worst people in the world today, bar none. They run out and dance in the streets when they hear about an 8-month-old Jew having his throat cut by one of their own. That says it all.
Socialism is a smashing success. It's purpose is to give money and power to socialists, and it does that extremely well. It even gives them the chance to murder their enemies in job lots betimes. How can that be a failure? What? Socialism doesn't keep its promises and make things better for everyone? Ha ha ha that's a good one.
You make an excellent argument, Tinsldr2, and I couldn't agree more. Mr. Bowyer has the right idea too--the lakes of blood that a revolution in our times would require in a nation as industrialized as ours...Heaven forfend! Which is not to say that it will never be necessary. Thankfully we're not even close yet. It's still a tug-of-war. Quite frankly, so long as the People are armed, there's no need for a revolution, but once that essential liberty is outlawed, well, then the time has come. An unarmed People are sheep for the shearing, and it cannot be allowed to come to that. Until we reach that tyrannical milestone, I think there's still hope for the USA as presently constituted. After all, that was the last straw for the Colonies too, and pushed them into rebellion against the Crown: the attempt to confiscate their arms.
The only problem with this strategy is it's just not nice. It's like clubbing baby seals, they're so intellectually helpless. They think they know everything, therefore they are incorrigibly stupid, ruining whatever intelligence they were issued at birth by closing their minds. I suppose you like tossing baby ducks into a pond full of pike too!
Leave the others aside, but remind them that the partial-birth abortion was designed by a male doctor...so does that make it a patriarchal plot to murder their unborn children?
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Armageddon, Act I

Renaissance Nerd Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 2:50 PM
I liken this change to the Hellenic/Hellenistic Era; we've got the Romantic/Romanticist era instead. We ape a lot of the forms of the Romantic times before the Great War, but we've lost the spirit, and just like the Hellenistic Era, we're looking at at Stoic/Hedonist dichotomy, further complicated by religions all over the continuum. What's particularly sad is that there were warning signs long before the outbreak of the Great War: the American Civil War, the Franco-Prussian War, the Crimean War, the Boer War. These all should've warned the powers of the time what a modern war would look like, but they just stuck their heads in the sand and pretended it couldn't happen. Just like now; our elites are ever more lost in fantasyland, and not even warnings like 9/11 can penetrate the armor of their invincible self-imposed ignorance. I REALLY don't want another Great War, because the next one will be so much worse. Yet the peaceniks are determined to ignore all warnings until we land right into WWIII (or IV, if you count the Cold War). "It needs but one foe to breed a war, and those who have not swords can still die upon them." —JRR Tolkien
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