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Americans Who Weren't Aborted Increasingly Oppose Abortion

rellis Wrote: Jun 01, 2012 6:57 AM
"making abortion illegal again in America would be disastrously counter-poductive. I want to prevent as many unwanted pregnancies as possible and see to it that poor pregnant women get the help they need " This shows you are ill-informed. The facts are that once abortion became legal and even more-so after Planned Parenthood was passed, the "unwanted" pregnancy rate sky-rocketed. Yet as the "unwanted" pregnancy rate sky-rocketed the teen birth rate actually went down. Why? They killed the babies by the millions. In addition, the amount of women being injured and killed by botched abortions went way up.

An undeniable tectonic shift toward the pro-life position has been evident for some time in this country. As a result, Planned Parenthood, America’s biggest abortionist, has suffered a PR problem among young and old alike, many of whom continually find themselves less and less crazy about the idea of killing children for convenience.

It seems safe to say that this shift has only been exasperated by the way the Obama administration and the president’s campaign have treated women, especially the wives of political opponents (like Ann Romney), and the arrogance with which they pushed legislation like ObamaCare and its anti-conscience mandates...