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Paul Ryan on the State of the Race

Release Wrote: Sep 14, 2012 8:25 AM
Another "Good One" 43 months of Unemployment over 8%. This guy is completely lost. Obama needs to lose his job as well.

Paul Ryan conducted an on-the-record conference call with conservative media outlets this afternoon, during which he explained how he sees the race shaping up and took roughly half-a-dozen questions.  Townhall was part of the conversation.  A few notable points:

On polls and enthusiasm - The Vice Presidential nominee said that following the DNC and President Obama's poll bounce, much of the chattering class began to prematurely declare the campaign over.  "We're not going to bend to Beltway group-think," he said, adding that Obama's bump has receded.  "That sugar high has evaporated, and the next eight weeks will be a...

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