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Actually you would get more mileage by letting him know of the benefits of the SHOT show and how benefits many, many people. Don't attack him, if you do, he will then turn even more against you. Appeal to his common sense. Then let the chips fall where they may. Leno himself, may not have any clue what is going on behind the scenes.
This administration is just chock full of lies. Who, Why What, How, could anyone ever believe ANYTHING this administration says. It's really a shame. The President said his would be a transparent administration. It has been anything BUT transparent. Time to simply shut up and go away......
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The Audacity of Arrogance

Release Wrote: Nov 13, 2014 7:12 PM
This guy is a COMPLETE idiot.....wow, who elected this guy?
This seems to be another great example of how liberals only want tolerance for their views. If your opinion is different than theirs, they only know to throw personal attacks meant to cause their own little people to giggle and snicker. Perhaps someday these little people at Dartmouth will grow up into functioning adults. This is not meant for all those at Dartmouth, as I am sure the majority are not such immature little things.
I agree. It only exposes them for the little people they are. Good job Gov. Perry.
Wow, I am amazed that Costello acted like that. That is amazing that after the national outrage about Ray Rice, that she Doesn't Get It. Costello is dirt.
She is probably a very nice lady. She is a bit misguided and probably being used by the anti-gun groups for their gun agenda. Wonder who is paying her. Bloomberg? Anyway, there re already laws for convicted abusers regarding guns. We don't need more. What we need, is more Law Abiding Citizens with their license to carry. Studies show that this segment of the population commit less crimes than even police officers
This president just is not very smart. He is in WAY over his head.
Gabby Gifford is simply wrong. Just because she was shot, does not make her the end-all, definite authority on the subject of our second amendment rights. I was in a car accident, doesn't make me an expert on driving privileges in my state. The police are minutes away when the conflict is only seconds away. The police cannot be everywhere. Ask the mother who shot her intruder protecting her kids 5 times and he still managed to crawl out of the house, or the grandmother that protected her grandson as the criminal crawled through the basement window and up the stairs. There are thousands of events that occur every year where a Law Abiding Citizen protected the love ones. To take that ability away, THAT would be a REAL crime. I am sure Gabby is a nice lady, but on this topic, she is WRONG.
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