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It doesn't matter the color of skin! He's just a TERRIBLE president. Like most people, I am sure Carter is glad Obama came along. He has surpassed Carter as the worst president in history. Face it, he has NO idea how capitalism works. This idiot has devastated our economy. He is just stupid.
huh?...are you kidding me? He said THAT and they sat there and listened to him like it made sense? We already know uncle Joe is "out" there. But for these ladies to sit there and not bust up laughing or jump up and call this complete BS makes me question their sanity. WOW! these ladies on the view must be on the Democrat Payroll. Watchout, Obamacare going to relieve you of YOUR job...
4 people dead but the media let it go...Hillary Clinton simply lied and no one called her on it. The economy is STILL in the ditch, Job market still puking bad numbers, and Iran is laughing at us. Amazing. Are there ANY journalists left...anywhere?
Actually 65.9 mil voted for The incompetent "O" - 63.3 Million voted against him. This president has no idea what is going on. Think about it, He says he is working EVERYDAY to improve the economy. 1 in 5 on Food stamps. As many people NOT working as working. Record numbers of people out of work and have stopped even looking for a job. This guy is an economic DISASTER. Like him or not, the man is terrible for our economy.
keep in mind, while 65.9 mil voted for him...63.3 Million voted AGAINST him and his inexperience.
Perhaps Benghazi has something to do with it..or Perhaps the sinking jobs market after 5 years of failed policies, or Perhaps his Fast and Furious program that shipped Thousands of Guns to Drug Gangs in Mexico that are now using them to kill Mexican citizens, or Perhaps The Debt/Deficit, you choose, or Perhaps....There are MANY other items other than race. That is a cop out.
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The NRA is Winning the Battle

Release Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 1:14 PM
While the anit-gun crowd likes to talk about the NRA. There are many, many more people not affiliated with the NRA that are against any additional law or regulations regarding guns. We Law Abiding Citizens did nothing wrong, we should not be penalized and our ability to defend our families should not be placed in jeopardy. AR 15's are NOT the problem. Magazines are NOT the problem. Background checks that we ALL go through are NOT the problem.
She said it like most of us think, we hope to NEVER have to use it. It really is a shame that these stories, that happen everyday, where a Law Abiding Citizen uses a weapon to stop a crime aren't reported by the Main Stream media. You would think they would want to have an honest discussion which includes all the facts. Think about it, there are 3 million of us with what the media calls "assault rifes", and yet, we don't go out robbing, raping, and killing. You only hear about this type of weapon when something REALLY bad happens. What about the old 90 year old man that just recently used one on 3 bums that broke into his house at 3:00 in the morning to rob and who knows what else to him. One of the 3 won't make it to trial, he's passed on.
Another set of laws WILL NOT prevent ANYTHING. This guy boke 41 different laws. There are millions of law abiding citizens that carry everyday, CCW holders. They are your everyday person, just trying make a living for their family. They are Teachers, Car Salesman, Nurses, Lawyers, Accountants, Realtors, Shoe Saleman, Plumbers, Electricians, Doctors, Bank Vice Presidents etc. Get rid of the Gun Free Zones that these safe, law abiding citizens cannot carry in. These, so called, Gun Free Zones have proven to be KILLING ZONES. The murderer knows when he enters, he is the only one with a weapon and moves forward with reckless abandon knowing he, AND ONLY HE, is safe. ELIMINATE these zones.
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"Forward" to the Obama Layoffs

Release Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 7:51 AM
Please keep in mind, while 61.2 million voted for him, nearly 60 Million voted against him. I am a voter and I certainly didn't vote for this idiot. The problem is that there is NO change We had a chance to change the economic direction, but we didn't...and the woes continue. But of course they will blame it on congress, the Republicans, Fox News, Global Warming, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus is coming to town, the moon, etc. This administration has NO idea how to fix the economy, They have Proven that.
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