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Don't assume lying is okay just because you can get elected to a high office by doing so ! If you are a Christian it is a sin and you will be a sinner, OH WELL, we are ALL sinners anyway, GO AHEAD !
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The DNC in Five Numbers

rekim Wrote: Sep 08, 2012 3:42 PM
Suz, you are correct, 368kdiscouraged would be workers, NONE of the problems we faced in late 2008 have been eliminated but there have been MANY more problems ADDED ! Therefore, when Romney and Ryan take the helm, the ship will still be listing, and in order to FIX the old problems, the NEW "o" problems will have to be addressed IMMEDIATELY if we are going to have success in saving a nation and currency from default ! .... Let's pray for our survival ! Thanks for your patriotic participation here !
We are seeing the CHANGE and we do not like it, so now we HOPE this clown gets removed by the VOTES of PATRIOTS and those who could not see through the lies and rhetoric of the 2008 campaign ! WE NEED NO MORE PROMISES, we need down to earth actions to eliminate the " What can I get for nothing mentality which has been unleashed on the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS !
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