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@Zombie: Your handle must be a good description of you.
My first reply was for "Truth001".
I am an actuary that spent forty years pricing insurance plans and it is certain that none of the mandated coverages in Obamacare can stand on their own without significant premium increases. To cover the mandates, individual coverage plans will have to become more expensive, resulting in more and more people that will not be able to afford the premium. Either government needs to stay out of the way, or provide health care for the uninsurables (those with pre-existing conditions) without mandating requirements on individual insurance carriers and allow the free-market function in a normal manner.
Absolutely correct that unions are no longer needed to protect the rights of workers, because, as you indicated, there are many laws that are on the books for that purpose.
We must hope the electoral college continues to function in the manner that the Founders envisioned. If not, future presidents would be elected by the most densely populated areas of the country leaving rural areas without a voice. In other words, leave the electoral college as it is!
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RegularAmerican Wrote: Apr 15, 2012 10:23 PM
It looks like you have a typo. Instead of 'master debaters' it should have been 'masturbators'.
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