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If You Can’t Beat The Truth, Silence It

reginald6 Wrote: Apr 03, 2012 9:13 AM
This is what judges are doing here too, making president when all they are supposed to do is weight the law against the crime and I see no crime in this woman talking to other women who are in the process of having an abortion. That judge should be removed from his seat and bring charges against him for his comments about religion and GOD. Here again is a man who does not believe in his oath and is a dishonest person an Oath Breaker.

A gut-wrenching example of the lengths to which men will go to silence the voices of conscience recently played out in an Ontario Court of Justice. There, Judge S. Ford Clements sentenced pro-life advocate Mary Wagner to 92 more days in jail, on top of the 88 days she’d already spent behind bars, all because she has been walking into the waiting rooms in Canadian abortion clinics and sharing hope with the women who are waiting to have their babies killed.

And the story gets worse. Clements was so outraged by Wagner’s passion for life that he lashed out...