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News Versus Propaganda

Reginald10 Wrote: Jul 24, 2012 3:09 PM
This is the heart and soul of Progressivism; The idea that "We" are better than "Them", and so We have a duty (nobless obligee) to improve their lot by controlling their lives for them. And if They resist Our enlightened influence, it just proves how benighted They are; and how much They need Our help whether they like it or not. For their own good, of course. (Not on a power trip here, nope, nothing to see; move along, move along...)
Since so many in the media cannot resist turning every tragedy into a political talking point, it was perhaps inevitable that (1) someone would try to link the shooting rampage at the Batman movie in Colorado to the Tea Party, and that (2) some would try to make it a reason to impose more gun control laws.

Too many people in the media cannot seem to tell the difference between reporting the news and creating propaganda.

NBC News apparently could not resist doctoring the transcript of the conversation between George Zimmerman and the police after the Trayvon Martin shooting. Now ABC News took...