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Jim Nabors and How Liberalism May Win Its Way to Defeat

Reginald10 Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 5:27 PM
Do you keep Kosher, following God's laws on food and drink? If not, why not? "Because as Christians, we live under Grace, not the Law." For two millennia, that's been the accepted doctrine of the Christian churches - all of them, not just the Catholics, Orthodox, or Protestant. So if we need not keep Kosher, etc., why do you insist we follow certain other Laws? Seems to me you've got an axe to grind, here.
nawlins72 Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 5:55 PM
Even if what you claim of Reginald was true, it doesn't refute his statement.
Tinsldr2 Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 5:55 PM

Obama drama is a known troll his posts are legion and always revolve around big gov, lack of proof and strawmen arguments

Serial killers hurt others, who is Jim Nabors hurting ???
OBAMA-DRAMA Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 5:42 PM

You are a rationalist who could condone serial killers not being hunted down on the rationalized grounds that to do so would be 'wrong' solely because other type killers exist that are instead not first hunted down.

Is Gomer Pyle one of the Four Horseman of the Liberal Apocalypse?

The superficially surprising thing about last week’s announcement that Jim Nabors had married his boyfriend of four decades was not so much the nuptials themselves – I always felt Gomer was just going through the motions with Lou-Ann Poovie. Rather, it was the cultural reaction to the news that a huge star back in his day had decided he would tell even if we didn’t ask.

There was no reaction. America, including conservatives regardless of their feelings about gay marriage, collectively shrugged their shoulders and generally wished the elderly...